08-XX Suzuki Hayabusa & B-King / 07-11 GSXR1000 ECU Flashing Interface




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Special Comments

  • Would you like to tune every aspect of your Hayabusa's FI system?
  • Would you like to free up space on your bike by removing other electronic components?
  • Would you like to stop cutting and splicing into your harness to install new electronics
  • Then ECU Flashing may just be for you.

Your Suzuki Hayabusa 08-09 ECU has many racing ECU features built in, just waiting for you to tune.  With a Boost by Smith interface you can now utilize your bike to it's full capacity.  This includes tuning the vacuum area maps, TPS maps, ignition maps, making your engine run very smoothly when cruising, and put down as much safe hp to the ground as possible.  With our interface you can also view engine sensor data to ensure correct operation of vacuum, ambient air, temperature, tps, gear position etc.  sensors with a laptop connected.  Previously all of this was available only for technical folks with a strong do it yourself ambition but by making this re-flashing interface for you we have tried to bring this new technology to everyone.

I build the hardware interface that will allow you to use PetriK's free software that he has provided all of us with to tune our bikes through the ECU.  If you are a do-it-yourself-er there are schematics posted on the hack forum to build your own hardware interface.  What I offer is a clean solution that has been tested prior to shipping, with written directions, videos, and tech support. 

The interface I am offering is about a 10 minute install.

  • Insert 2 pins into previously empty locations on your ECU connector
  • Insert 2 pins into previously empty locations on your yosh plug connector under the seat
  • Plug the USB cable into your computer, plug the flashing box into the Yosh and SDS connectors under the seat and you are ready to go!
  • The box doesn't stay on the bike, so you can tune all of these attributes and not have any additional boxes on the bike permanently installed.
  • Requires not 1 single wire splice.

That's it!  Now just install the software, open up a base map, and you are ready to start unlocking the full potential of your Gen II Hayabusa.

PetriK has blessed us with free software called ECU EDITOR 2.0 which allows an enormous amount of tuning parameters, all with our stock 08-15 Hayabusa ECU.  The software is available for download at:

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to view all sensors data with a laptop connected
  • Ability to clear fault codes
  • Ability to change fueling maps (both IAP and TPS maps) for better, more precise tuning than piggyback systems.
  • Ability to change ignition maps (you can add timing in the lower gears like a TRE does without messing up your gear based fuel curves)
  • Increase your factory rev limiter (current software supports up to 12,500 RPM)
  • Remove the 6th gear speed restriction with the click of a button
  • Ability to dis-able soft cut limiters which can burn up your NOS or Turbo bike, hard-cut shuts all injectors down vs just a couple.
  • Turn your ECU into an ignition / fuel kill box for use with an air/co2 shifter.  Gen 2 Busas's can utilize gear based engine kill times (different kill time for each gear)
  • Switch-able map selection for NOS, different turbo boost levels, fuel types etc
  • Import maps from other fuel tuning devices (testing phase right now)
  • Replace stock map sensor with GM 3 bar for boost referenced fueling for turbo bikes
  • Disable O2 sensor, pair valve, IAT sensor for dyno tuning purposes.
  • Ability to tune secondary throttle blade opening (don't remove those secondary flies you will loose hp)
  • NOW AVAILABLE:  ECU controlled progressive gear based Nitrous/Fuel/Ignition Ramp Rate Control.  www.boostbysmith.com/ecunos2.html for details.
  • This works on Bking as well though at the moment doesn't have as many features (B-king you can re-destrict, map fueling, increase rev limiter, use ecu as kill box, dis-able exup, canister, O2 sensor, pair valve)
  • As of 01/08/2010 07-11 GSXR1000 Functionality for fuel/ignition mapping, de-restriction, limiter increase added, more features to follow soon like shift kill etc.
  • Ability to datalog all ECU variables with laptop connected and use auto-tune program to tune your engine.

This is a list of ECU tuners in the USA, by no means is it all in-clusive, there are many more out there http://www.batchgeo.com/map/?i=610dcd0c391f5115202f094fb87ef7e3


Installation Directions

http://www.boostbysmith.com/directions/!START HERE BEFORE SOFTWARE INSTALLATION.pdf


Gen 1 & 2 Flashing Tutorial Videos Below

Setting up USB Cable / Basic Flashing Sequence www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/gen2ecu1-setting-up.wmv

Basic Fuel / Ignition / Rev Limiter Changes www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo3.wmv

More Advanced Nitrous Tuning using MS feature, window, wot,etc. www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo4.wmv

More advanced tuning: Secondary Throttle Plates: www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/gen2ecu2-stp-tuning.wmv

More advanced tuning:  Injector Balancing functions: www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/gen2ecu3-injector-balancing.wmv

More Advanced tuning: excel copy and paste: www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/gen2ecu4-excelpasting.wmv

How to run Vista or Windows 7 as Administrator: www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/run-as-admin.wmv




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