2002 - 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa ECU Flashing Accessories



The Fully Plug and Play Nitrous Harness to be controlled by your stock ECU!

  • You must have the ability to re-flash your ECU prior to installing this harness
  • Fully plug and play (no splicing what so ever)
  • Provides a Window Switch (Arm and Disarm RPM programmable in ECU Editor)
  • Provides a WOT switch (TPS > 85% programmable in ECU Editor)
  • Provides map switching in your ECU when NOS starts spraying

Price:  $70

Click HERE for Gen 2 Hayabusa NOS Harness

Special Comments:

Availability:  1-2 day lead time

A quick video demonstration showing the ECU running the window and WOT switch for NOS.  There are (2) 3rd gear roll ons in the video, the 1st with no NOS, the 2nd with a 38 jet spraying, but a very cold bottle with not much NOS left in it.  www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/nos.wmv

My personal bike made 180 hp on motor, 230 hp on nitrous using a 38 jet in the airbox, with 2 degrees of timing removed while spraying.  Dyno chart below, notice the "sudden" increase in power at 6200 RPM.