12 Volt Plug and Play Accessory Harness


If you are tired of hacking into your Hayabusa's wiring harness trying to find key on power and ground for accessory items up near the dash or in the tail section this product is for you.  This accessory harness plugs into the "Euro" connector on US Hayabusa's near the right turn signal and provide 12 volt key on power and ground to (1) item near the dash and (2) items in the tail section.  I supply the mating connector and pins for an easy, clean installation.

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This works great on 99-07 Hayabusas.  For 08 Hayabusas it will still work but does require that you REMOVE the gauges to access the connector to plug in.  Currently your running lights next to the head light are plugged into this circuit, just unplug one of them and plug this harness inline. 

Item will generally ship the day after payment is received.  This item is shipped first class mail in the USA unless other arrangements are made.  International orders are always welcome, but additional shipping will obviously need to be discussed.