Update 06-05-2022:  Due to current workload and summer vacations, I am typically 1-2 weeks behind on getting orders built up and shipped.  Please contact me if you have specific timing requirements and I will give an estimated completion depending what you are looking for.

I do my best to ship items as quickly as I can, but with my current day job workload (this is a side hobby for me) I am very often up to a week behind.

I ship USPS as my preferred method inside of the USA. UPS is an option on some products, but I am not always able to get to UPS as quickly as I can USPS. USPS since Covid hasn’t been nearly as quick as it used to, we are at their mercy unless you wish to upgrade to more expensive shipping options.

International Customers Please Read:
Shipping prices are estimates as it is very difficult to track actual international shipping rates. Since early 2020 due to Covid, USPS has not been nearly as reliable as it used to. I am happy to ship USPS to try and keep costs down, however I can’t be held responsible for long delays in shipping or customs, this would be at the buyers risk. UPS is typically much more reliable, and often much much more expensive, often with the shipping prices exceeding the product price. I don’t make money on shipping, I simply pass the costs along to the customer based on actual pricing. I will refund any overages, and am willing to work with you as much as I can. My apologies as this is an inconvenience that I have no real say in.