08-Current Hayabusa Progressive Nitrous Harness



The Plug and Play Nitrous Harness to be controlled by your stock (reflashed with ECU Editor) ECU!

  • Fully plug and play (requires 1 wire splice if you don’t want to hold a button to spray)
  • Provides a Window Switch (Arm and Disarm RPM programmable in ECU Editor)
  • Provides a WOT switch (TPS > 95% programmable in ECU Editor)
  • Ability to adjust Nitrous Duty Cycle, Fuel Add, Ignition Retard, Ramp Up Time for every gear!
  • Adjustable ramp rates for NOS, FUEL, IGNITION as well
  • Riders who just want to spray a small shot without doing progressive can use the same harness!

    To use this on a GSXR1000 you must run a Hayabusa Bin File in the ECU. When doing this, you will lose the idle control solenoid control, and you must do some IAP remapping as the IAP sensor on GSXR1000 and Hayabusa aren’t the same.

    Two ways to turn Nitrous On, best of both worlds from 1 harness:

  • Option 1: Push and Hold Mode UP or DOWN Button Entire Time You Want To Spray / Window RPM / Wide Open Throttle
  • Option 2: Have Toggle Switch in the On Position (requires 1 wire splice near ECU connector) / Window RPM / Wide Open Throttle


Upgraded fuel pump is a good idea if spraying much more than 30 hp on a stock engine.


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

2008 – XX Suzuki Hayabusa & 07-11 GSXR1000


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