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08-Current Hayabusa / 07-13 GSXR1000 ECU Flashing Interface


With a Boost by Smith interface you can now utilize your bike to it’s full capacity. This includes tuning the vacuum area maps, TPS maps, ignition maps, making your engine run very smoothly when cruising, and put down as much safe hp to the ground as possible. With our interface you can also view engine sensor data to ensure correct operation of vacuum, ambient air, temperature, tps, gear position etc. sensors with a laptop connected. Previously all of this was available only for technical folks with a strong do it yourself ambition but by making this re-flashing interface for you we have tried to bring this new technology to everyone.

SENSEI Performance Cush Drive Kit


Replaces OEM # 64651-35F20-These SENSEI Cush Drive Rubbers are much stronger than the stock OE units. If you drag race or have a lot of hp and go through OEM rubbers on a regular basis these are what you need, they will far outlast the stock ones.