Hayabusa Car-Kit Install Package


On the bike, clutch, horn, high beams, turn signals are controller here. I can supply the very basic just clutch signals, or everything but would need to know lengths and what you want. I can also do extension harnesses if you are using the bikes hand controls just further away than stock.

On the bike you get the red run switch, starter button, mode buttons on gen2 busa. I can do the most basic flying lead with red run switch jumpered out and you just get 2 wires for starter switch, or I can do extension harness)

I can do flying leads, where you get 2 wires to hook to a toggle switch or a key of your own, or extension harness etc. This will have the resistor built in that the ECU needs.

This can be an extension harness or a flying lead harness. Need to know if you want the fuel gauge set to a fixed position so it doesn’t set FI light on factory dash or if you plan to use the fuel sender wires in your application.

Using the factory gauges? I can supply an extension harness if needed, or a flying lead harness if using aftermarket gauges. Warning, if using aftermarket gauges, the FI light, coolant temp, gear indicator are not a wired connection, it is over a CAN bus type signal and won’t be available to any aftermarket gauge.

I need to know all of the details above for lengths and what you need. This is super important to avoid emails back and forth trying to understand your specific needs. Thanks :)


If you are looking to install a Hayabusa engine in your sand rail, quad, etc., this would be for you. I have sorted out the elimination of stuff not needed with factory connectors, simply pick up a used functioning harness and plug everything in.

Sidestand eliminator
Tipover sensor eliminator
Fuel pump sending unit eliminator (no code on dash) with fuel pump wires extended that use factory relay
Ignition switch eliminator (no code on dash) 12V and ignition On wires extneded
Left hand control eliminator, clutch wires extended (hook these to a momentary switch for starting), horn wires extended to use the factory horn
Right hand control eliminator, run switch always on now, and starter 12V wire extneded.


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