MAXX ECU plug and play wiring for Gen1 and Gen2 Hayabusa


Available on backorder



Not ready for sale yet, but getting some information on my website.

I will you purchase your premium race or sport MAXXECU kit, send me the flying lead harness and O2 sensor etc., and I can make the wiring a lot easier for you.

Completely plug and play wiring for MAXX Race ECUs, save the hassle of wiring on your own, just pull the stock ECU out, and put my wiring harness in and go 🙂

Stock gauges can be used on your hayabusa, BUT gen1 the coolant gauge won’t work, and gen2 the coolant gauge and gear indicator won’t work. You can use a tablet or phone etc with bluetooth and mdash app for android to display anything, you can also use my digital dash with billet mount.

I can repurpose many of the stock connectors on the bike to run things like shift light, air solenoid, shift cut input from horn, pressure sensors into secondary throttle senso/idle control, tipover sensor etc. In the photos was setup for a turbo bike with fuel pressure, oil pressure, 2 intake air temps for before/after intercooler, speed signal brought in for speed based functions, horn button brought in for shift kill, wastegate pressure brought in through stock map sensor connector, boost control add/remove solenoids plug into stock O2 sensor connector, flex fuel sensor plugs into SDS and tipover sensor connectors. Lots of options, really powerful standalone with tons of flexibility and what seems like daily updates!

Base setup comes ready to plug a MAXX Sport into your Gen1 or Gen2 Busa with O2 sensor wired (not sensor) and ignition coil driver wired (no driver). Maxx Race will have some extra harness charges.

Sorry, I don’t tune bikes, I am not a tuner, I like to wire and make plug and play products to make things easier for folks to access and have fun with.


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