MAXX ECU Race Package for Gen1/Gen2 Hayabusa


Not needed if getting my digital dash it has 6 built in LEDs



[Check out the videos tab on this page I have a playlist of a bunch of videos from MaxxECU stuff.]

Completely plug and play wiring for MAXX Race ECU, save the hassle of wiring on your own, just pull the stock ECU out, and put my wiring harness in and go 🙂

Base setup comes ready to plug a MAXX Race into your Gen1 or Gen2 Busa with the following included:
–  Race ECU
–  Plug and Play ECU adapter wiring
–  BoostBySmith dash adapter for stock dash, or for $30 additional a CAN adapter for my digital dash
–  Bosch 4 channel ignitor
–  Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor

  Analog Inputs (7):
– TPS, Coolant, Intake Air Temp (all of the stock sensors)
– Gear Position Sensor (stock sensor)
– Spare Temp Input (can be used for shift input, arming switch, etc.)
– (6) Spare Analog inputs for pressure sensors, laser sensor, tire temp, accelerometer, etc.

  Digital Inputs (4):
– Clutch (launch control)
– (3) Spare for Speed sensor, arm switch, shift input


8 Injector Outputs (Gen2 Busa can run all 8 injectors), (Gen1 you get 4 extra ground outputs)
8 ignition outputs (4 outputs needed for coil ignitor), 4 spare 5v Outputs for NOS drivers, etc.

  Ground Outputs (8 total):
– Tach
– Fuel Pump
– Fans (Gen2 Only), Gen1 this is a spare
– 5 Spare (shift solenoid output, shift light, NOS driver etc.)

  12V Outputs (6 total):
– 4 required for Idle Control Valve (gen2 Only), Gen1 these are spare
– 2 spare 12V out for (shift solenoid output, shift light, NOS driver etc.)

– CAN wired to Dash adapter, but also available for additional inputs

– Built in datalogging up to 1000 Hz sample rates

Walkthrough / Install video I put together recently on a Gen2 Hayabusa.
Playlist of setup videos on mtune I put together here


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