MAXX ECU Sport Package for 2021-2023 Harley Davidson M8

Original price was: $3,999.00.Current price is: $3,499.00.

Read my comments in general description for specifics. Customer may need to fab mounting bracket and minor modifications to fit specific seat applications.

I haven’t been able to verify inputs and outputs on a liquid cooled bike as of yet, please contact me.

1 digital input to be wired for vehicle speed sensor if not equipped with ABS

You will need to mount an external button, or use the stock horn button but disconnect the horn.

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***Currently, air cooled setups are the first to ship as liquid cooled bikes have more inputs and outputs not yet verified.***


  Certain aspects of the mTune file will be locked in the ECU to prevent the user from accidentally causing the system to no longer work over canbus with the bike, as well as to protect the investment of   time I have spent to make the system functional integrating into the stock electronics.  CAN inputs, CAN outputs are both locked to the end user.

Not Happy with your factory ECU going into limp mode while trying to drag race, or need to tune a NOS, turbo, or super charged application? This package may just be for you. The MaxxECU provides the ultimate flexibility on your Harley Davidson M8.

Mounting the ECU under the stock seat is possible sitting on the front edge of the rear fender, with adapter box in the stock ECU location (some plastic trimming is required).  Backrest will not work with the maxx mounted here.  With a saddleman seat, the front edge of the rear fender won’t work unless you modify the seat, you can however remove the ECU tray and or use a shorter than stock battery  (P.10S Lithium as an example, or the Harley Soft Tail Lithium battery) and the MaxxECU will stack on top of the ecu adapter box.  


[Check out the videos tab on this page I have a playlist of a bunch of videos from MaxxECU stuff.]

Completely plug and play wiring for MAXX sport ECU, save the hassle of wiring on your own, just pull the stock ECU out, and put my wiring harness in and go 🙂

Base setup comes ready to plug a MAXX Sport into your Harley M8 with the following included:
–  Sport ECU with expanded input / output capability via my ECU adapter box **Details at bottom of page under CAN **
–  Plug and Play ECU adapter wiring
–  Functional ABS, functional dash, body control module, stock hand controls, Power modes with e-throttle if needed. Traction control, rolling launch control, adjustable 2 step launch control on the fly, cruise control, quick shifter, flex-fuel capable, etc.
–  Bosch 4 channel ignitor

–  Heat Sink for Ignitor

–  Dual Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensors for closed looped fuel control (1 controller built into MaxxECU Sport, and 1 add-on CAN Wideband)

  Analog Inputs :
– Twist Grip Sensor x 2, Engine Temp, Intake Air Temp, Ambient Temp for dash (all of the stock sensors), liquid temp for liquid cooled bikes
– Clutch switch over CAN
– Sidestand input if equipped on bike
– Starter input / output (this goes through stock hand controls and body control module
– (5) spare analog inputs for things like fuel pressure, oil pressure, wastegate pressure, laser ride height, etc.

  Digital Inputs:
– Front Wheel Speed available through CAN for traction control
– Flexfuel Ethanol Content Sensor available over CAN if purchased

– 3 spare digital inputs, DIN1, DIN2, and CLT signal can be used as digital input



2 Injector Outputs with options for staged injection with extra injectors if needed, 4 spare Injector outputs for other functions like boost control, fan control, etc.
2 ignition outputs (2 outputs needed for coil ignitor), 2 spare 5v Outputs for NOS drivers.

  Ground Outputs (6 total):
  12V Outputs (2 total):
– Electronic throttle

– CAN wired to CAN network which communicates with ABS, Dash, BCM, hand control, radio additional CAN expansion module if purchased separately

BoostBySmith ECU Adapter Box adds the follow inputs / outputs over CAN
– Built in datalogging up to 1000 Hz sample rates

– Walkthrough video on a 2019 Street Glide.




GEN 3 Playlist


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