02-07 Suzuki ECU Flashing Interface (Hayabusa Only)


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**Warning**  If your ECU has been flashed with other software besides ECU Editor, it is likely locked and won’t be able to be flashed with ECU Editor until it has been returned to stock using the software/hardware that originally flashed and locked it.  **Warning**

Your Suzuki Hayabusa 02-07 ECU has many racing ECU features built in, just waiting for you to tune. With a Boost by Smith interface you can now utilize your bike to it’s full capacity. This includes tuning the vacuum area maps, TPS maps, ignition maps, making your engine run very smoothly when cruising, and put down as much safe hp to the ground as possible. With our interface you can also view engine sensor data to ensure correct operation of vacuum, ambient air, temperature, tps, gear position etc. sensors with a laptop connected. Previously all of this was available only for technical folks with a strong do it yourself ambition but by making this re-flashing interface for you we have tried to bring this new technology to everyone.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to view all sensors data with a laptop connected
  • Ability to change fueling maps (both IAP and TPS maps), ram air compensation
  • Ability to change ignition maps (you can add timing in the lower gears like a TRE does without messing up your gear based fuel curves)
  • Increase your factory rev limiter (current software supports up to 11,650 RPM, more RPM is possible)
  • Remove the 6th gear speed restriction with the click of a button
  • Change ram air compensation based on your gearing
  • Compensate for larger fuel injectors needed for high hp applications
  • Compensate for increased fuel pressure needed for high hp applications
  • Disable IAT compensation for dyno testing
  • Turn your ECU into an ignition / fuel kill box for use with an air/co2 shifter
  • Control a shift light, or any RPM based output using the stock flapper valve circuit
  • Switch-able map selection for NOS, different turbo boost levels, fuel types etc
  • Share maps with people across the world and contribute to new exciting features constantly being introduced and implemented.
  • You must have the ability to reflash your stock ECU with ECUeditor to take advantage of this wiring harness.



02-07 Hayabusa ECU Flashing

ECUEditor direct download

FTD Install File Direct Download

ECU Editor Gen1 Hayabusa Initial Setup Start here

ECU Editor Video 1: Setting Up Com Port for Gen1 Hayabusa

ECU Editor Video 2: Setting up FTD for Gen1 Hayabusa Flashing

ECU Editor Video 3: Basic Functions in ECU Editor

ECU Editor Video 4: Advanced Features

ECU Editor: Setting Com Port Parameters

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Shift Light Upgrade

With Shift Light, Without Shift Light


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