The Suzuki Hayabusa 02-07 interface I am offering is about a 5-10 minute install.

  1. Hook a ground wire to the battery
  2. Unlock the 34 pin ECU connector by pushing the white tab
  3. Insert 4 wires into what were empty locations
  4. T-tap or solder 1 wire onto the dash data wire also located at this 34 pin connector
  5. Lock 34 pin connector back

That’s it! With the small harness attached to the ecu connector you can remove the interface box except when you need to tune, that way you still have tons of trunk space left. Now just install the software, open up a base map, and you are ready to start unlocking the full potential of your Hayabusa.

To Install the LED shift light as pictured above, you will have to disconnect your flapper valve solenoid and insert the 2 male spade connectors into the existing connector on the bike, and run the wire up to the dash and mount the LED, a quick 5 minute install of a shift light.