Launch / Shift Lights w/optional Autoshift Output


You get Plug and play tach signal using this
(don’t choose this option if using something
like a MSD launch master connected to your
ignition coils)


Due to my current workload these I am quoting 2 weeks from the time payment is sent until they are ready to ship.  Occasionally I will have everything in stock and have time and able to ship faster, but trying to play on the safe side and quote 2 weeks for when I am busy.

Introducing the new BoostBySmith Dual-Purpose Launch / Shift Light.  The LED cluster can be mounted on top of your existing gauges, on a convenient bracket like in the photo.  This LED cluster is very bright and comes in blue, red, green. Standard housings are chrome, unfortunately I can’t locate black housings any more.

Both the Launch Light and Shift Light are displayed as the same color.  The launch light is only active when the clutch lever is pulled in.

3,000-15,700 RPM in 100 RPM increments. The Launch light has an adjustable upper window to de-activate the light if you rev too high on the starting line.

Very close to fully Plug and Play operation is available for the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZX-14.  Power and ground come from a Suzuki OE 2 pin connector located under the nose, simply plug it in.  The tach signal wire and clutch signal wire can be tapped into using the prewired spade connector along with a scotch lock connector, simply push the connector together.  The relay for the clutch switch comes pre-wired as well.

**Optional:  If you currently have an air or Co2 shifter on your motorcycle, I can wire up your shift light to trigger the air shifter for an auto-shift feature for an additional $20.  Works excellent witht he BoostBySmith ECU air Shifter Harness. I am now including a pre-wired toggle switch that allows you to dis-able autoshift output without any additional wiring.  I haven’t been able to re-produce the issue, but have had some customers say that when using a MPS killbox that they experience very long KILL times when using autoshift.  This has never been an issue when using a CYCLE-TEK kill box, this is just a warning, if you have a MPS Box and this becomes an issue you will need to replace the kill box with a cycle-tek unit.

Gen1 and Gen2 Hayabusa Launch-Light-Setup-with-Auto-Shift

ZX-14 Launch Light Setup1

Generic Launch-Shift Light Directions

Additional information


99-Current Hayabusa, GSXR-1000, ZX-14, Generic Wiring

Autoshift Output

With Autoshift, Without Autoshift

LED Color

Blue, Red, Amber (orange), Green


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