Plug and Play Digital Dash 99-20 Hayabusa


Motorcycle * 

Select signals to display in addition to the standard speed and RPM (choose up to 4 total) (not needed if using a Maxx ECU with CAN Adapter) * 

If you don’t choose gear position, you will need to cycle to page 2 to view your 4th input, looking at the photos you will notice only 3 inputs can be displayed at once on the middle row of the screen.

This allows on a stock ecu bringing in more than 4 analog inputs, it expands and gives an additional 8 analog inputs to the dash.

Add LED push buttons to control dash (4 buttons) and general purpose accessories (low current 1-2 amps max) (2 buttons) * 

I have lots of options for push buttons with LEDs, blue, red, amber, green, white. Can mix ad match, typically the buttons for the dash (menu/select/up/down they are always lit up when bike is on, and the latching buttons for accessories are only lit up when they are pushed in and turning the device on)

Additional information you would like to tell me custom sensor placement etc.

Add Billet Mount?


Price starting at $900 with a 2 week build time (billet dash mount is extra). Shipping may be higher than actual, I can refund overages. Will ship UPS with insurance to cover the unit with signature required.

Fully plug and play digital dash for your Hayabusa using factory connectors, and I can add additional sensors like boost, NOS pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure etc. There is an option to upgrade to the PRO version for datalogging and can add 4 additional analog inputs for a total of 8.

Sequential 6 stage shift lights, 7th stage they flash, configurable with the race technology software on a laptop.

Rough dimensions are 6 inches wide X 4 inches tall.

For mounting I have a beautiful billet mount that bolts right on to your gen1 or gen2 Hayabusa. Montgomery motorsports has a carbon flat panel, for gen2 not sure if it fits gen1.

You get speed, rpm, turn signals, high beam, oil pressure light, and 4 analog inputs:
If you choose gear position as an input, you get 3 others to choose from like temp, fuel level, fuel press, oil press, boost press, air fuel.
If you don’t use gear position, you can only display 3 of the 4 inputs at once, and would need to push a button to show a second screen with 4th input added.

I can set these up for gen1 and gen2 busa.

For an additional fee, I can wire in push buttons and or switches on the 6 available spots to the left and right of the dash as seen in the photos. The dash does have 4 buttons that can be wired in for Menu/Select/Up/Down which can be used mainly to change screen layouts from several predefined layouts (really only typically useful when you don’t use gear position as one of your 4 analog inputs, you can also see max/min values, and change LED brightness. I can also wire the top 2 buttons with latching buttons or switches to arm NOS, air shifter, or even add a relay to control devices that are more than 1-2 amps as that is all the LED push button switches are rated for.

Figure out what inputs you want to display and we can figure out a game plan, if you need something not listed no problem we can make it up custom. Any sensor with an analog output signal could be integrated in.


Please note that while I do my best to ship items the business day after they are ordered, I am not always able to do this.

If you have an urgent need for anything, please email me directly

Domestic:  I ship most packages USPS priority mail, which is advertised as 2-3 business days.
Smaller items with shipping rates at just a few bucks are sent USPS first class mail.
I can ship UPS ground as well.

International:  Due to long delays with USPS during Covid 19, I am only shipping via UPS.
The customer is responsible for any brokerage/customs fees.  My site is setup to add $55
for international shipments as this is the worst case for UPS with rare exception of a remote service
zone fee which I will contact you if this is the case.

In the event that shipping is less than $55 I will send a refund.  Feel free to contact me in advance and I can check exact shipping for you.


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