Suzuki Dash Adapter for Maxx ECU (2017-XX GSXR-1000)


This will add a 16 way inline male/female adapter connector (Main dash harness connection), which is a bit bulky

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This will allow full function of your stock gauge set with a Maxx ECU.  Coolant gauge, gear indicator, ABC mode indication, TC 1-10, FI light, TC light all are controlled over the data stream wire on a stock suzuki ECU and don’t work with the Maxx ECU.  This adapter will allow that functionality to be returned.

Mode select, up, and down buttons are wired into the adapter through plug and play inline adapter connectors to the left hand control switch.

***This will not do anything for your tachometer, speedometer, neutral indicator light if they aren’t functional, those are normal wired signals to the speed sensor, tach output on MaxxECU, and gear position sensor.  My dash adapter is for the serial data stream wire which covers only the signals mentioned above ***

A couple of demo videos of how the adapter works

Video of setting it up in MaxxECU software TBD


MAXX CAN to Suzuki Dash Datastream Converter Settings Updated 7-3-22

Dash Settings Maxx File


Dash Adapter CAN Settings (3)


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