MAXX ECU Sport Package for L7 GSXR-1000 (2017-XX)

Original price was: $3,450.00.Current price is: $2,950.00.

How I wire the ECU depends on if you have all stock tail, undertail etc or a custom subframe. A stock subframe / tail will not hold a MaxxSport and the adapter box, the ECU must be remote mounted unless you have a larger than stock tail section with additional room.

This option adds over an inch of additional floor clearance to help package everything.

I have to do some additional wiring inside the adapter box if the bike came without ABS.

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The MaxxECU provides the ultimate flexibility on your L7 GSXR-1000 (2017-XX).

Fitting the ECU adapter and MaxxSport in the stock subframe, undertail, and tail section is possible, I recommend adding the aluminum undertail to gain a little more clearance, which is now available.

Completely plug and play wiring for MAXX sport ECU, save the hassle of wiring on your own, just pull the stock ECU out, and put my wiring harness in and go 🙂

Base setup comes ready to plug a MAXX Sport into your GSXR-1000 with the following included:
–  Sport ECU with expanded input / output capability via my ECU adapter box **Details at bottom of page under CAN **
–  Plug and Play ECU adapter wiring
–  Functional ABS, IMU data, functional dash, Power modes with e-throttle, Traction control, rolling launch control, quick shifter, flex-fuel capable, etc.
–  Bosch 4 channel ignitor

–  Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor for closed looped fuel control

  Analog Inputs :
– TPS, Coolant, Intake Air Temp (all of the stock sensors)
– Gear Position Sensor (stock sensor)
– Quick shifter load cell (stock sensor) – over CAN from my ECU adapter box
– Clutch switch
– Starter input / output (this goes to ECU directly on L7 GSXR-1000) for 1 tap start just like stock
– (6) spare analog inputs for things like fuel pressure, oil pressure, wastegate pressure, laser ride height, etc.

  Digital Inputs (2):
– Front Wheel Speed (both needed for traction control)
– Rear Wheel Speed (both needed for traction control)
– Flexfuel Ethanol Content Sensor available over CAN


6 Injector Outputs (run upper injectors paired up 1&4 and 2&3 unless requested to use General Purpose Outputs for 8 injector full sequential
6 ignition outputs (4 outputs needed for coil ignitor), 2 spare 5v Outputs for NOS drivers, if not using NOS these are turned into ground outputs in the ECU adapter box.

  Ground Outputs (6 total):
– Starter
– Fuel Pump
– Fans
– 4 Spare ground outputs (shift solenoid output, shift light, boost control, etc.), 3 from GPO 1,2,3, and 2 from IGN5 & IGN6 repurposed from 5v outputs

  12V Outputs (2 total):
– Electronic throttle

– CAN wired to CAN network which communicates with ABS, IMU, and Dash

BoostBySmith ECU Adapter Box adds the follow inputs / outputs over CAN
– 3 digital inputs (left hand control mode buttons, Up/Down/Select)
– 4 analog inputs (coolant, intake air temp, gear position, quick shifter load cell), this frees up room on the standard MaxxSport analog inputs
– 1 ground output for Cooling fan relay control

– Built in datalogging up to 1000 Hz sample rates

Walkthrough / Install video I put together recently on a Gen2 Hayabusa.

Playlist of Gen3 Busa MaxxECU Videos.

GEN 3 Playlist


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